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11 Summer Whiskey Cocktails to Cool You Off

    You don’t have to put your whiskey or bourbon on the rear bar just because it’s hot outside. Instead, these simple and entertaining drinks are ideal for sipping poolside at a picnic or summer barbecue.

    Nutty Hawaiian

    Rum is typically the first liquor to mind when you think of tropical cocktails, but this island-inspired beverage detours through the South. Southern Comfort and coconut rum are combined to produce a genuinely distinctive summer cocktail.

    Strawberry Whiskey Lemonade

    Jessie Johnson, the creator of Life As A Strawberry, says that the perfect time to brew this cool beverage is when summer arrives, and strawberries are at their peak freshness. The flavor combination of strawberries and whisky will astound you.

    Bourbon Slush

    It’s not necessary to save bourbon slush for the holidays just. This cold beverage is the ideal way to cool off during those sweltering summer afternoons. Also, you can prepare them ahead of time and freeze them to save time while hosting visitors.

    Rosemary and Honey Whiskey Cocktail

    A delicious Old Fashioned cocktail is loved by many. Erik from Dude That Cookz recreated a classic using fresh rosemary and honey, and we were blown away. After taking just one drink, you might never again order an Old Fashioned.

    Kentucky Lemonade

    Bourbon and mint give this beverage a slight Kentucky kick. It becomes a bubbly party punch when the ginger ale is added, but ginger beer gives it an even stronger ginger kick.

    Spiked Peach Sweet Tea

    There is perhaps nothing more Southern than whiskey, peaches, and sweet tea, except Dolly Parton. Julie Blanner, a blogger, combined all three ingredients to create a fantastic summer beverage.

    Belmont Breeze

    This juicy summer beverage is not overly sweet and was inspired by the famous Belmont Stakes cocktail. Whiskey lovers will adore this tasty refreshment, the ideal beverage to sip on a hot day.

    Ginger Mint Julep

    There’s more to mint juleps than just the Kentucky Derby! Eat one while having a luncheon or baby shower with friends, but pace yourself because they have quite a punch!


    A classic is always a good choice. For example, a Manhattan can be blended with crushed ice in a blender before serving or served neat in a cold cocktail glass with ice.

    Gold Rush

    Although fresh lemon juice is essential to this traditional cocktail, there are other ingredients as well. In addition, this beverage is ideal for sweet and sour aficionados thanks to the mild sweetness of honey liqueur.

    Mint Julep

    Why not incorporate the traditional Derby cocktail in your summer cocktails? For some people, the Kentucky Derby begins the summer partying season. It’s a wonderful way to use up all of the mints from your garden and is simple, elegant, and oh so refreshing!

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