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7 Best Teas To Drink for a Longer Life

    7 Best Teas To Drink for a Longer Life

    Learn which teas are best for boosting your health and keeping the Grim Reaper at bay.

    We can all agree that we want to live a long life free of medical complications and the physical and mental anguish that comes with them. Humanity has long been obsessed with preserving youth and discovering the key to immortality. In a world where our instinctual yearning for survival often dictates our decisions, any solution that can help us elongate our lives and avoid the Grim Reaper for that much longer often brings a sigh of relief. While consistently engaging in quality self-care is critical to living a long and healthy life, these choices do not have to be burdensome or complex. Studies show that even something as simple as drinking tea a few times a week can help you live longer. Given that January is National Tea Month, we wanted to learn more about which teas you should drink to live a longer life.

    If you’re a die-hard coffee drinker or a casual tea drinker, this may be a difficult pill to swallow—but you can’t deny the data showing the health benefits of drinking more tea daily. Tea drinkers had 1.41 more years of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease-free years and 1.26 more years of life expectancy at 50. In addition, tea consumption was linked to a lower risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality, particularly among regular tea drinkers.

    What types of tea may help you live longer?

    Green, oolong, black, and white teas are examples of true teas. They contain hundreds if not thousands, of bioactive compounds, such as amino acids, caffeine, lignins, proteins, xanthines, and flavonoids—all of which may have health benefits. For example, flavan-3-ol consumption has been linked to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. Some research has also shown that flavan-3-ols help prevent diabetes and heart disease when consumed in amounts ranging from 400-600 mg per day, which can be obtained by drinking two cups of green or black tea daily.

    While drinking true teas can help you live a longer life, some herbal teas have been known to have medicinal effects that promote health and, as a result, have been linked to longevity. For example, Polyphenols, a plant compound known for its numerous health benefits, is said to be present in many herbal teas and have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties. This is fantastic news, given that viral diseases are among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in developed and developing countries.

    Whether you prefer true tea or herbal refreshments, here are seven of the best teas you can drink to increase your chances of living a long, healthy life.

    1. Oolong tea

    Oolong tea is popular in China and is made from the same tea leaves as black and green tea. Like all true teas, Oolong contains a compound known as EGCG, which may have anti-cancer properties.

    In one study that compared tea-drinking habits among ovarian cancer patients versus controls, the results revealed that those who did not develop ovarian cancer appeared to drink more green and/or oolong tea than those who did. In addition, this study found that drinking tea regularly was associated with a 71% lower risk of ovarian cancer.

    Although drinking oolong tea may be linked to a lower risk of certain cancers, it is important to remember that ovarian cancer can be caused by various factors other than drinking tea. In addition, you don’t have to go far or spend much money to enjoy oolong tea. Twinings of London, for example, sells 100% Pure Oolong Tea.

    2. Turmeric tea

    Turmeric is a popular ingredient in many dishes, and people are discovering its potential health benefits and distinct flavor. Turmeric’s health benefits and potential ability to support longevity can be attributed in part to a type of polyphenol found in the spice known as curcumin, which one study claims are one of the most promising bioactive natural compounds, particularly in terms of its ability to treat several types of cancer.

    3. Green tea

    A large population study of Japanese men and women found that those who drank slightly more than two cups of green tea daily had a 22-33% lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease than those who drank less than a half-cup (3.5 ounces) of green tea daily. Green tea could be rebranded as a Benjamin Button elixir for its ability to reduce cancer risk, support brain function, and even improve skin elasticity to prevent sagging and maintain a youthful glow.

    Matcha, a Japanese powdered green tea, contains a high concentration of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. In addition, it has promising potential health benefits owing to its high catechin concentration.

    Matcha, in particular, is a type of green tea that can help optimize your health in ways that may help you live longer while providing an energy boost comparable to coffee. Best of all, some matcha brands, such as Kroma Wellness’s Beauty Matcha Latte powder, contain additional ingredients that may aid in your longevity. For example, this matcha formulation from Kroma Wellness also contains turmeric and ginger, which have been linked to healthy aging in studies.

    4. White tea

    While not as well-known as the other true teas, white tea contains many important compounds that may benefit our overall health, such as EGCG. For example, white teas may have higher catechin concentrations than other teas, such as EGCG. It also has anti-cancer cell antioxidant and anti-proliferative properties.

    5. Black tea

    Traditional black tea can help you live a longer life by promoting heart health and mitigating potential cardiovascular issues. People who drink three or more cups of black tea daily have a lower risk of developing heart disease and stroke. In addition, those who drank more than three cups of black tea daily had a 9-13% lower overall risk of death than those who did not drink tea.

    6. Hibiscus tea

    Hibiscus tea is an example of an herbal tea that may increase your chances of living longer. While hibiscus tea lacks the plant compounds found in true teas, it may provide unique benefits due to its natural compounds. For example, according to some research, drinking this tea daily may help reduce blood pressure, which may help people live healthier lives.

    7. Chamomile tea

    Chamomile tea is another herbal tea that has been scientifically linked to longevity. For example, when researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston studied the effects of drinking chamomile in Mexican-American women over the age of 65, they discovered that drinking this type of tea was associated with a 29% lower risk of death from all causes among women, even after controlling for demographics, health conditions, and health behaviors.

    Chamomile tea has also been linked to a lower risk of heart disease-related mortality and immune system health and may even protect against certain cancers.

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