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How to Make Bubble Tea at Home

    How to Make Bubble Tea at Home

    Although it originated in Taiwan, bubble tea has recently become very popular in the US. There are numerous ways to customize each cup, created with tea, milk, sugar, and tapioca. This is a recipe for bubble tea.

    Juice and smoothie stand, make room, bubble tea has arrived! This tea-based beverage will offer a caffeine boost with a tasty twist because it is made with chewy tapioca pearls.

    What Is Bubble Tea?

    A Taiwanese tea beverage containing tapioca balls the size of marbles at the bottom, bubble tea, sometimes called boba tea, is flavored with milk or fruit (or occasionally both). Anything from ordinary black, jasmine, or oolong tea to fruity herbal teas like strawberry, melon, or mango can be used to make it. It is best recognized for its distinctive bubbles, which are soft, chewy, and somewhat sweet, called pearls, boba, or tapioca. Many prefer other unexpected additions like cheese foam or grass jelly, comparable to Jell-O.

    What are the Ingredients in Bubble Tea?


    Use any tea you have on hand, including black, matcha, oolong, jasmine, and fruit-infused varieties, as you would with a typical tea bag, and steep before chilling. Here is our tutorial on how to make the ideal iced tea at home.


    Condensed milk can be used to give your drink a little smoothness. Use whole, oat, soy, almond, hemp, or any other type of milk you have on hand.

    Tapioca Pearls

    At Asian marketplaces, you can get them readymade in the aisle with the packaged items, frequently next to the teas. You must cook these because they are vacuum-sealed and dehydrated when delivered. These are also available on Weee and Amazon! Also, you may get a boba straw while you’re there to slurp up the big tapioca pearls. Moreover, you may create your tapioca pearls by combining tapioca flour, water, and sugar (see instructions below).


    You can alter your beverage with a sweetener, like adding sugar or honey to coffee. If condensed milk isn’t used, a simple syrup prepared from brown sugar or honey is usually added for sweetness when you order bubble tea at a boba cafe. You can use basic sweeteners like honey or agave or create your simple syrup.

    How to Make Bubble Tea, Step by Step

    • 1 cup tapioca pearls
    • Loose leaf tea
    • Brown sugar or sweetener of choice
    • Milk of choice

    Step 1: Prep the tapioca pearls

    You must boil or soak tapioca pearls because most manufacturers sell them raw. Add 1 cup of pearls after bringing 3 cups of water to a rolling boil. Let them cook for about an additional minute after they float to the top. This will provide enough for 2-4 cocktails depending on how many tapioca pearls you like.

    Step 2: Brew your tea

    Next, using a 1 teaspoon to 1 cup ratio of tea to water, make the tea a tad stronger than you would if you intended to drink it straight. After a 5-minute brew, throw away the tea leaves. Pour tea over ice in a hurry, or chill it in the refrigerator until it’s cool. (This will dilute the tea, but if you overstep, that should be okay.)

    Step 3: Add flavor

    In a large glass, add the cooked tapioca pearls. Then, add honey, agave nectar, or simple syrup to the boba tea to make it sweeter.

    Pour your iced tea into the glass until it is two-thirds full. Add a splash of your favorite milk for a creamy tea. Using your straw, mix the milk and sweetener into the glass before sipping.

    Popular Bubble Tea Flavors

    • Black milk tea, also known as Hong Kong milk tea, and condensed milk are two ingredients in traditional bubble tea.
    • Tea made from taro root powder and milk is creamy, delectable, and cooling.
    • Thai Milk Tea: For a delicious caffeine boost, combine tapioca pearls, condensed milk, and Thai tea leaves.
    • Use strawberry-flavored tea and serve it with fresh strawberries as a garnish.
    • Use matcha, a type of green tea powder.
    • Put a brown sugar simple syrup in the Brown Sugar Milk Tea or Tiger Milk Tea to give the milk a toasty, sweet, molasses flavor.

    Tips for Making Bubble Tea

    How do I make tapioca pearls?

    Mix two parts tapioca starch with one part boiling water to make your own tapioca pearls. Stir everything together until the mixture resembles dough. Make tiny pearl-shaped dough balls, then boil them over medium-high heat. Remove the boba from the pan and stir them into the tea once they have reached your desired consistency.

    How do I keep boba soft and chewy?

    To ensure that your boba maintains that great chew, watch it carefully as it cooks, just as you wouldn’t want to overcook spaghetti. Let them cook for one more minute when they float to the top, and then filter right away. After giving them a quick rinse in cool water, put them straight into a container filled with simple syrup. That keeps them soft and chewy and also adds a pleasant sweetness to add them to the simple syrup.

    Can I make a dairy-free version of bubble tea?

    Whatever way you prefer, including without dairy, you may make bubble tea using alternative milk like oat, hemp, almond, soy, or rice milk. Given that they are prepared with tapioca flour derived from the cassava root, the tapioca pearls are inherently vegan.

    Is bubble tea healthy?

    Like coffee, you may customize your bubble tea to be as healthy or decadent as you like! The amount of sugar ingested will rise if sweeteners or fruit juices are added. The cassava used to make the tapioca pearls have no fat or cholesterol but is high in calories and carbohydrates. Check out Thai tea if you’re looking for healthy tea.

    Can you make bubble tea ahead of time?

    Making bubble tea can be done up to a day in advance, but if you wait any longer, the tea may get too strong, and the tapioca pearls may become soggy and lose their texture. If made ahead, be sure to preserve the tapioca pearls in the refrigerator covered in simple syrup and to remove the tea leaves once the tea has been brewed to prevent overstepping.

    When producing simple syrup ahead of time, you may keep it fresh for over a week by storing it in a sealed jar. And mogu mogu might become your new favorite beverage if you enjoy boba tea.

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